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I've been trying to post this in the TQC community, and for some reason it's not working for me. So, Ill just ask you wonderful folks on my friends list....

Alright, give me your honest opinion. What do you think of a relationship where the age difference is 17 years. (If it matters at all, the female in question is 23. The male in question, 40.)

As far as your own personal relationships, what's the biggest age difference you've experienced?

(As a side note because this is my own personal journal and not the community: Yes the above mentioned 23 year old is me. And I think the 40 year old is one of the most down to earth guys I've ever met, and he's definitely not being a pig. Nothing's happened except for sharing a few drinks. Going out to dinner. Spending one afternoon at the beach. And there's been one kiss. Two of my friends have met him, and adored him. Everyone I've kinda discussed it with has been either "give it a shot, what's it gonna hurt?" or "that guy is a total creep to even be talking to you" So let me have it, be brutally honest....Whatcha think?)
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Seeing as I don't update very often...Here's what's been goin' on:

My little white torpedo was in an accident yesterday. I need a new windshield. And passenger sideview mirror. 'Cause I have money for that and everything. :(

Needless to say, I wasn't in the mood to do any 4th of July partying, so I washed up, put on the pajamas and got ready for a nice night alone feeling sorry for my brokeass self.

I've been seeing a really amazing guy for a few weeks now. Mike (For those of you that remember, yea...that Mike...). We have a bajillion things in common. We were both punk rockers as kids, turned classic rock/country nuts. August editions of our graduating class due to stupidity on both of our parts. Renaissance Faire junkies (He's not quite as big into it as I am, but he also wasn't raised around 'em from the time he was 5...). We both like to go out partyin' on the occasion, but for the most part are big into spending the day taking the puppers fun places and relaxing in front of a (hopefully) good movie in the evening. I dunno, things are really really great, and I'm kinda hopeful.

So about Mikey, he wasn't having any of me sitting home alone. He went and rented a movie and came over and hung out. It was really great of him, but I felt awful that he missed partyin up at AOK with all our friends. He didn't seem to mind though, and kept me company 'til about 1 in the morning before heading home.

I am BARELY keeping my head above water financially. But as soon as softballs over (the end of next month) I'm going to get a part time job. I'm pretty much not above doing anything. I'm hoping to land a waitressing spot somewhere, but if McDs is the only place that'll hire me, so be it.

The ex on the other hand is breaking my heart. I'm totally over the fact that we aren't together anymore. It was REALLY hard for the first couple of months, but looking at me now I am soooo much happier with everything. I have great friends, get to see my family LOADS more and am loving life. It kills me to see him falling into this horrible path though. He's selling weed (it's currently the highest quality going around Rome, so he's raking in cash..but EVERYONE--cops included--knows it's him that's selling it). He's currently dating a 90lb, 20yr old stripper. (Yep, she's really a stripper..I'm not just being mean) His friends are all talking about how horrible he's doing behind his back, and I feel bad..I usually tell 'em to shut up. We aren't even really friends anymore because he can't talk to me around her. Someone kicked the window in on his Jetta the other day and surprise! stole all his weed. The radar detector I bought him for his birthday a few years ago (like $300!), and a bunch of other stuff...CDs and playstation games and such. It makes my heart ache how horribly he's doing. Seriously, that's the guy who 2 years ago I was SURE was going to be my husband. I was SURE we were going to have kids together, someday. And, I was SURE he was gonna love these dogs for the rest of their lives (I can't even remember the last time he came to see them...). Everyone tells me to keep my head up, and at least I got out of the situation totally before it got that bad.

The dogs are doing great. Loving the summer weather. They've been swimming and hiking and doing loads of really fun stuff lately. They haven't gotten into any scuffles in probably a month or so.

I guess that's the update on my life...
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The Tom Petty show was by far one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen. We actually had covered seats, but we got up to grab some food when Steve Winwood (also pretty amazing) finished playing. Once we were out from under the tent, Ralph realized he lost his ticket, so we couldn't get back undercover and had to enjoy Petty from the lawn. Right as Petty and the Heartbreakers took the stage you could see lightning sneaking up from a distance, and about 4 songs in...the sky just opened up! It poured, the power went out twice. We were soaked, muddy and exhausted from the 5 hours spent tailgating int he parking lot....but the set list, the jam sessions EVERYTHING was just undeniable.
The ride home was rough. It took an hour an hour to even start moving in the parking lost, and we spent the whole ride chasing the storm that had just passed through Darien Lake. We pulled over to sleep at a rest stop for an hour, and by the time we got back to Rome we were absolutely in the thick of the storm. I had to unload the cooler and chairs and everything in a total downpour.
Ugh, now today I have a million things to do. Only one more night off and I head back to work.
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*sigh* So I haven't updated in a while. Life has been...pretty okay. I've got great friends and an amazing family. The job is going. The pups are fantastic. I can't really complain.

Tomorrow's going to be really hard though. I'm driving up to Oswego to meet Shaun's wife Sonya and we're going to head up to Sterling and spread some of his ashes. I dunno if I'm strong enough. I know he's been gone for a few years now, but he was my best friend. This is like the final goodbye. In a way I think it'll be good for me. I never really had a chance to come to terms with everything that happened. Seriously, I need to do something. I've gone through at least 3 phones since he's died. I've saved his number in each one. I download the ringtone he's had FOREVER (It's Casey Jones. And it was originally one of those monotones. Technology has changed since then and it's been upgraded to a real tone) and set it to his number. I know full well that it'll never ring, but I do it anyways. I dunno, I miss him so much. But at the same time I hate him for being so fucking selfish. He left behind an amazing wife. An absolutely perfect daughter, who will probably someday lose all memories of the dad that loved her. An angel of a mom (who helped me get through so much of this). And a crew of friends that would have done anything to prevent this from happening.

I dunno, sorry if this doesn't make any sense. My head isn't too clear right now.

Shaun wherever you are...I hate you. I hate you so much sometimes I just want to punch the wall, a window, anything. But in the end, you know I love you. I love you with every piece of my heart. My soul. Best friends, kid. Best friends til the end. I dunno if I believe all that stuff about being able to watch over me, but I guess deep down--I hope you can at least check in from time to time, and say "Damn, that bitch is doin' alright." And just know...every time I hear the Grateful Dead...I think of you. When I go see Ratdog, it's like you're right next to me. And Saturday at Tom Petty, I'm sure I'll feel ya there too. Wharf Rat will always be our song. There's a lot of memories I'm sure I'll lose, but they'll never take that song away from us.

Fuck guys...I'm really not ready to do this tomorrow. I don't think I can.
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RIP Beau :(

So today, my mom's Golden Retriever woke up vomiting nasty white foamy stuff. When she took him outside, he couldn't walk and he kept falling over. She wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the vet. He passed on the way there. The vet thinks it was a stroke or maybe some sort of internal tumor he couldn't feel. I don't know, I just know he's gone. And it seems so surreal.
Beau was by no means the perfect dog. He was scared of everyone that wasn't his family. Would not leave the yard. He would literally just collapse and lay there if the gate was open. Getting him in the car always took two or three people. But he was a GREAT dog for me as a child. And my mom after my brother's and I moved outta the house. He stuck so closely by her after she and my stepdad divorced. I just..I dunno--I can't believe it.

RIP Beau. I'll miss you my little scaredy cat.
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Haven't posted one of these in a long while...

Do you talk to your most recent ex?
Only when necessary.

Who did you last talk to on the phone for over 20 minutes?
Bobbo. It was kinda weird to talk to him for that long...heh.

Where will you be in an hour?
Probably passed out on the couch. I hate working til 8:30. My whole day is over.

Who do you trust with everything?
Eh, I don't know anymore.

Do you lead people on a lot?
Apparently, though it's totally unintentional. If I say "Hey, come over and have a beer..." that isn't a secret code for "Hey, come try to fuck me even though I'm sorta with your best friend."

Are you friends with your best friend's boyfriend or girlfriend?
My BEST friend is single. But I am friend's with everyone elses sig. others.

Are looks important?
To a point. You can't be with someone you're not physically attracted to.

Are you mad at someone right now?

Which is better sunrise or sunset?
Both are amazing.

Is there anyone you would die for?

How many letters are in your last name?
Too many...12.

Do you live near your best friend?
25 minutes away?

Are you scared of spiders?
Eh, not particularly. But I don't like 'em surprising me. Especially ANYWHERE near my bed.

What do you think of McLovin?
Am I the only person in the world that hates that movie?

Ever talked to someone that was high?

Last comment someone left you?
Comments on Jerry and Hummer's pics on Petbulls.

Do you have a facebook?

Do you own a skirt?

Are you excited for summer?
OMG You have NO idea. Excited isn't the word.

Have you ever slapped someone in the face?
Not hard, just jokingly.

What did you do last night?
Walked the dogs. Talked to Tails on the phone for like an HOUR. That's about it.

What is the closest thing to you that is blue?
A sweatshirt.

If you had to change your eye color would you?
Nah. I'm good.

Last thing you wrote your name on?
I signed my check today.

Does it snow where you live?
Yes! I hate it.

When is the next time you will see your grandma?
Both my blood grandparents have passed away. But my (step)grandma who I love more than life will be up here in about two months! I can't wait!!!!

Would you go in public without getting dressed up or put together?
I do...regularly. I'm famous for my Nautica Sweats, a Beater, flip flops and a Bud Light hat.

Have you kissed or hugged someone today?
Nope. :(

Are you a dumb blonde?

Do people underestimate your intelligence?

Are you taller than 5'5"?
Oh man, I wish!

Would you rather have love or money?

Have you ever sat on a roof top?

Do you know how to play poker?

Any plans for the weekend?
Drinks at Applebee's on Friday with Sara. Work Saturday. Power Hour with EVERYONE on Saturday night.

What time do you get up in the morning?
Depends what time I have to work.

Do you eat ranch with your pizza?

Last person you IMed?

Do you prefer the ocean or the pool?

What is the color of your bedroom walls?

Last person to text you?

Have you ever thought you liked someone then found out that you didn't?
In high school.

How was this weekend?
Pretty great.

Have you ever wanted someone you thought that you couldn't have then found out that they like you?
Yea. Then everything got complicated. It's one of those "To Be Continued..." stories that'll unfold for sure this summer.
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Lots of stuff, some of it's TMI

I spent way too much money this week. $80 at Olympia. New cleats, new batting gloves, and an UnderArmour shirt because the start of practice/the season is fucking cold and those things are AMAZING.

$100 at one of those sex toy parties. And I'm not even getting any action these days. I just got some great smelling sprays (I'm not big on body sprays, but these things are PHENOMENAL!). OMG This AWESOME massage oil (I love giving/getting massages). And this candle that burns soy or something, so it doesn't get SUPER hot that is like a hot massage oil...I can't wait to try that out someday. Oh and I got this stuff that she gives you on a little spoon and you go in the bathroom and put some on your box. Umm, it felt so good that I can only imagine what it'll feel like when I AM getting laid I had to buy that too. No toys for me though. They kinda intimidate me.

In other news: She sprayed this stuff that the smell changes depending on how you sweat/your chemistry or whatever. She sprayed the same stuff on all of us, and nobody smelled the same. By the end of the night a few of the girls smelled amazing. I smelled like the cologne Rocky wears. I didn't buy it, but tonight I am going to bed smelling like that boy...which makes me kinda sad. I miss him, a lot. We were great friends before everything got so complicated. We've been texting back and forth a little bit, but this is the longest we've gone without talking in like...a year. And for the last few months we saw each other every day, so it's definitely an adjustment.

The Yanks are getting their asses handed to them tonight. It's gonna be a long season. But I'm a Bills fan, so I know how to take it.